Things to do

Banyan Camp is a destination choice that offers a wealth of space for your next Personal / Group retreat, Meditation camp, Nature trail, or Bird watching excursion. Enjoy a book under the shade of the Banyan tree or walk away in any direction to enjoy a trek along the property that extends over 15 acres with borders that melt into the lake & treat yourself to a meeting with a variety of birds & other wildlife.

  • Udawalawe National Park: Famous for the Sri Lankan elephant and a variety of mammals and bird life.
  • Udawalawe Elephant transit home where orphaned elephants are rehabilitated for release in to the wild, visitors are allowed at feeding times.
  • Nature Trails & Bird watching: With acres of forest and lakes, barring a few small self-sufficient villages, the area is a haven for endemic species for avid birdwatchers.
  • Canoeing: in the Hambegamuwa lake midst pure, unspoilt nature, fresh air, and beauty. Elephant sightings and amazing bird life.

  • Mini Sigiriya: A moderate climb up a rock face similar in shape to the Sigiriya rock, for a beautiful panoramic view.
  • Water falls / Udawalawe River: A day trip to a fantastic falls / stream, know to a few. Lunch on site.
  • Star Gazing: Having little or no light pollution, Banyan Camp is perfect for star gazing, the milky way is visible on clear nights.
  • Fishing: in the Hambegamuwa Lake
  • Yala National Park: The second largest national park in Sri Lanka, has the highest concentration of Leopards in the world is also home to elephants, bears, large variety of land and water birds among others.
  • Historical Sights: Buduruvagala Temple – 10th century complex consists of seven statues and belongs to the Mahayana school of thought. This statue of the Buddha is regarded as the tallest in the world.

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